Important Parent News from Choir Dept

Dear NMS and NHS Choir Parent,                                                                              December 3, 2020

Our choirs have been preparing to carol in downtown Middlebury, Saturday, December 12th from 6-7:00 p.m.  The kids have been having fun learning some of the old “tried and true” carols so that they can bring a smile to our Middlebury family that evening.  This is not a mandatory event, but we are hoping that most of our kids can be involved so that we can fill the streets with singing!  As you know we haven’t been able to sing together, or have our Christmas Concerts this year.  This will be so much fun for you and our kids.

                Here are some details to help you plan ahead.   Students who have last names A-M should be dropped off in the little park next to the fire station.  Students N-Z should be dropped off in the park next to the library.   Each student must have a mask.  We will spread out down both sides of 13 and begin our singing there.   After we run through our 10 carols we will proceed south towards the Post office and split up as we enter a neighborhood on both sides of the street.  We will sing around the block and then return to 13.   Once finished the kids will get a special treat in the park.  This should last only one hour.  You may drop them off and come back later or ….. wait for it…….PARK YOUR CAR AND JOIN in AS WE CAROL!!!!  Now isn’t that a GREAT IDEA?!  We will have carol books so that you can sing along as we bring some joy to Middlebury.

                We have not done this before but we are going to push things along so that we end at 7 p.m.  if at all possible!  You should make arrangements with your child where you want to pick them up.  Some of you may wish to park along the road, or at the library, or behind the stores on 13.  Others may want to pick your child up in one of the church parking areas downtown.  We will leave that up to you.  But obviously it is important for you to pick up your child on time so they aren’t left out in the cold.  Brrrr!

Your student should use the link below to let us know if he or she is planning to come caroling with us.  Parents don’t need to register J  Again, this is not mandatory but we are hoping a lot of our kids can join in the fun!

Please register by Wednesday, December 9! 

                                                                Sincerely, Mrs. Armington, Mr. Norwood, Mrs. Manglos

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