Caroling info for Saturday

Dear choir students and parents, Dec. 10, 2020

We are excited to go caroling this Saturday in downtown Middlebury at 6 p.m.  We have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for Saturday.  It appears that it will rain most of the day but clear up and the sun will be coming out around 4. Yay!  But if you’ve lived in Middlebury very long you know that weather forecasts can change without warning.  So, our plan is this:  if it’s raining at 5 p.m. we will cancel caroling.  Do not come if it is raining!  But if it is clear, please join us.

Once again students (and the parents that wish to sing with us) with last names A – M will meet on the Fire Station side of the street in the park.  Be careful not to huddle in groups.  We must maintain social distancing throughout this event as well as wear masks the whole time.  As people arrive we will spread you 6 feet apart and send you walking down the street towards the bank.  You will be asked to stop and wait until everyone is in place and then we will lead the singing with a bull horn 🙂   Students N-Z will meet on the library side of the street in that park.  We will get you spread out and walking as soon as you arrive.   Carol handbooks will be given to each one of you.  You may keep the carol book after caroling is over or return them to their box.

Once we sing through all 10 carols we will begin traveling around the block.  High school students or the directors will approach doors in the neighborhood and see if we can carol a song or two to the folks who live there.  

When we return to the park, each student will receive a treat and we will say our goodbyes!

Please remember that everyone participating must wear a mask and maintain social distancing as we carol.  

This will be exciting for all of us but we want to make sure we are keeping each of you safe and healthy!


Mrs. Armington, Mr. Norwood, and Mrs. Manglos

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