ISSMA Solo and Ensemble Contest

Is my solo and ensemble contest will be happening in a different way this year, surprise surprise! Students will be asked to record their solos and send them in to virtual judges. Each students performance will be given a 1st 2nd or 3rd place medal along with judges personal notes.  This is an excellent opportunity for all students to hear from an unbiased judge on how they’re doing with their singing voice. Mr. Norwood and I will be working with each student along with Mrs. Norwood our resident voice teacher to prepare these kids for contest. All recordings will be due by February 18. We will be recording them ourselves on Feb. 15 and 16th to ensure their entry is complete.  
students have been given the entry form on Google Zclassroom.  These entry forms are due by Friday,  Jan 22.  
Mrs. A will make rehearsal recordings for students who do not have a voice teacher.  Practices will take place in class and occasionally after school if a child wants to.  Please remind your kids for us!  Thank you!0

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