Important note to all choir parents regarding student grades.

I am writing to you parents this afternoon because I am becoming very discouraged with my students and the lack of effort they are giving in and out of class. I put in the grades for the last two weeks this afternoon and my heart sunk as I put in zero after zero, for no work being turned in. I also have a large number of students who are skipping class completely. Mr. Norwood and I are doing everything in our power to keep class interesting during this trying time. It’s very hard to teach singing when you can’t even listen to your kids sing! But we are trying to come up with innovative ways to give them a chance to perform (Caroling this Saturday) and also recording themselves each week. Just so you are aware, some students who do come to class come dressed in their pajamas and are trying to lay down in bed?!?! while singing. Call me old school, but I refuse to lower my standards because a large group of kids have decided to lower theirs! Some grades may just have to suffer in order for our kids to learn from their mistakes. We as teachers do not intend on accepting work that is past due by 2 weeks!! We won’t allow kids to lay down during class and we won’t stop assigning quality work to them just because of this pandemic. We do treat each student on a case by case basis because every home and child is different. We extend grace whenever it is called for. All we are asking for is some support on your end. Could you please check your child’s work, look over their shoulder (if you’re home) and make sure they are giving their best? Look at their power school grades and see what is missing? See if they are attending classes as they should? We would appreciate any help you could give us at home as we continue working for your children here. I’m sorry if this seems like a plea for help, but that really is what I’m asking for. Many kids are doing a wonderful job, but at least 1/3 or more are really not giving their best. We expect more, and trust that you can “work some magic” at home to get things turned around on your end. Thanks for listening and any help you can give us. Sincerely, Mrs. Armington

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