Yep it’s me again!

We need balcony chaperones for an hour shift. You will be there anyway so please lend a hand. Signup on the Signup Genius tab on this page. 3-4 pm is covered. The other shifts are in need of help.

We also need 1 more 7th grade chaperone for during the concert. You will meet kids in the NHS Bandroom and then take attendance and watch over students until Mr. N and Mrs. A can get there to take over. You will collect ties after their performance. Easy Peasy!! Please add your name on the signup genius tab. Gracias!

2 thoughts on “Yep it’s me again!

  1. I don’t see 1 hour shifts on the sign up sheet or anything that says specifically balcony chaperone for the swing fry volunteer sign up sheet.

    Seth Lewis, BSN, R Data Analyst, Clinical Informatics | Goshen Health (574) 364-2391 (office) (574) 364-2613 (fax) 200 High Park Ave., Goshen, IN 46526


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