O.K you’ve got me!

I am now down on my knees begging for 2 7th grade chaperones. We only have one brave soul who has volunteered! Honestly she can’t do it herself. Basically you will meet kids in the NHS Bandroom at 3:40 ad stay until 4:15. How simple is that? You will just take attendance and watch over students until Mr. N and Mrs. A can get there to take over. You will collect ties after their performance. Easy Peasy!! Please (with a cherry on top?) add your name on the signup genius tab. It would be so easy for a couple to step in and handle this! You can even be on stage when the kids perform!

10 thoughts on “O.K you’ve got me!

  1. I looked on the sign up page and I dont see where the listening is for the chaperone 7th grade I’m a sixth graders mom so I don’t know if that matters and that’s why I’m not seeing it. Thank you.


  2. We have signed up for handing out rosettes and ties before the performance, we could assist with the attendance in band room as well if you think we could do it all together?


  3. I am trying to figure out how to purchase tickets or how much they cost if we are able to buy them at the school ? The link and clicking on parent info says there is nothing available to purchase.


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