Pictures anyone?

Thank you to these ladies who took quality fantastic photos!

Mrs. Byers:

Mrs. Gilbert:

Mrs. Norris:

Also we just received the breakdown of the fundraiser money earned. Drum roll please……………….

Total Profit$17,771.43

Thank you to all of our parents who helped make this a wonderful day and night. As directors we are all very grateful for the kind of parents we have in Middlebury Community Schools!! Sincerely, Mrs. Armingon and Mr. Norwood

One thought on “Pictures anyone?

  1. Those ladies took some awesome pictures. Thank you so much. A big thank you to all the directors for their hard work on putting this on. Sounds like it was a success. I think Middlebury Schools have a great music program for the kids and there are so many talented kids in the program. I always enjoy attending the shows. Good job to all involved in this year’s Swingfry.


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