Would you believe that the Christmas Shows are 2 weeks from today? Yes you read that right. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to put a Christmas show on 3 weeks after Swingfry. But we do it, and it will be SPECTACULAR. (said with a tremble)

I just finished writing the Parent letter that has all of the details you will need to maneuver through Concert Week. Basically Tuesday, December 6 will be our Tech day for “specials” only. Kids that have solos, dance, or sing in Ensembles should be at this rehearsal.

Thursday, December 8 will be our full choir Dress Rehearsal. Students do not need to dress in their black and whites but will be changing in and out of costumes.

Saturday, December 10 will be the big Shindig! Tickets are on sale for $3. Just send in the money with your child and have him/her purchase tickets for the 4:30 or 7 p.m. show.

More details will be found at this link –>

We hate to ask but we are in great need for volunteers to help run the show. We use over 60 people per show. Right now we have half of that. Greatest needs are Chaperones and Dinner Crew. Read page 2 of the link I’ve shared and you will get a better view of what we are facing.

Finally, I’d like to remind you that we do 2 shows because our audiences are so big. In between meals we like to serve dinner to our 260+ kids. Subway helps us out with that but we need to collect donations so that each child is fed. If you would like to donate money for dinner you can just send cash or a check (made out to NMS) and we will take care of arranging the meal. We appreciate your generosity in advance! 🙂

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