H. E. L. P.

As of today we have 3 moms serving as dress rehearsal chaperones. We normally have 12 to cover 270 kids. If you can step in and help tomorrow please come at 2:45 to the NMS choir room for a short meeting. This is a very simple job. You pass out treats and water, take attendance, and oversee the kids. They leave at 5:45 and you would be done by or before 6:15. Please help us out. It is very scary to be on stage directing with only 3 parents watching kids in the cafeteria. Thanks in advance.

7 thoughts on “H. E. L. P.

  1. I have pit in for 1/2 day vacation tomorrow to help chaperone.  If you have enough volunteers respond to this notice please let me know otherwise I will see you tomorrow.  Do we meet at the middle school or high school

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  2. I am sorry I am not able to assist but when is the best time to bring the case of water and to where should I bring it?


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