Last Minute Reminders…

Tickets ($3) will be available at the door.

First come first serve seating. Doors open 45 minutes before each show.

You may be snagged to usher…or you could volunteer before a show!!

Chaperones meet with Mrs. A in NHS choir room at 3:30 and 6:15 before each show.

Dinner crew meets in cafeteria at 5:15 – 5:30 p,m, instructions are below.


  1.  Lay out food and water on both sides of the cafeteria. 
  2. Put on Aprons so that you are seen as a Dinner Crew Member.
  3. See lunch detention slips and pencils on each table.  Please use these if students are misbehaving.  Put them on the counter by the concession stand when signed by student.
  4. Please do not stand in a group.   We need you walking back and forth throughout the entire cafeteria.
  5. Around 6:15 if students look mainly done please blow the horn once.
  6. They will throw their things away and return to their tables.
  7. No one is allowed to be up from their table for any reason during dinner.  They can only leave their table to throw trash away AFTER THE HORN BLOWS.
  8. Once students raise their hands, check their table and floor and make them have it CLEAN.  Then dismiss them and WIPE DOWN THE TABLE.
  9. 6TH GRADE BOYS will place chairs on the tables so that you can use the vacuum cleaners and sweep the floor.
  10. 6 grade boys should return after the show to lower chairs.  Please check after show and make sure this is done.
  11. Box up remaining water and subs and place them in the concession stand please.
  12. Return aprons to concession stand.


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