Great Meeting Tuesday!


In case you missed the Green Carpet Gala parent meeting we had on Tuesday night, here is a run down of things we covered!

  • We ran through the concert season for this year.
  • Discussed the two ISSMA Competitions
  • Mentioned the remaining volunteer areas that need to be cover for this Semester and showed how easy it is to use the Signup Genius Tab  located above to find a position that suits you.
  • Demonstrated how this website is used by students, and can be a great help to parents.
  • Discussed the differences between Google Classroom and Power School.
  • Helped parents who have had issues with the Google Classroom Summary by email.
  • Knight Light Parents met with Mr. Norwood for the “need to know” details to begin the year.
  • Gave a big overview regarding the SwingFry Concert/Fundraiser.

It would be impossible to go through all of that here, but we did send home an important, important, important, packet regarding the SwingFry Concert/Fundraiser on Friday.  I hope, hope, hope that you received it!  If you didn’t please read the Intro Parent Letter below and click on any of the forms to see what was enclosed in your packet.

The High School Choir Parents cover the SwingFry Volunteer Positions from 3:00 – 6:00 while the Middle School kids perform, and the Middle School Choir Parents cover the volunteer positions from 5:00 – 8:00 when the high school choirs perform.  There is an overlap to cover the 5:00 – 6:00 time slot you can grab if you hurry.  🙂  It is easy to sign up, just click on the SignUp Genius Tab above and select the SwingFry Volunteer Signup.  You can select the job and the time that fits your schedule the  best.  *Be careful not to sign up during your child’s performance time!!  (see parent letter for those times).  We encourage all parents to volunteer in some way to help make this fundraiser a success for our Choirs.

Parent Letter-iNTRO sWINGFRY LETTER 2017

Ticket Order Form –>Advance ticket form-2018 copy (1)

Bake Sale Info and SignUp – – >Bake Sale Form-2018 copy

On a final melody-musical-notes-music-staff-music-note-clipart-11 we want you to know that we have registered all of the email addresses that were submitted to us for the Google Classroom Summaries.  You should have received an invitation in your email.  Once you select the frequency you wish to get these summaries and click “accept” you should be good to go.  Some parents found trouble completing this process because they were trying to do it on their phones.  You will need to be on a computer to complete the registration.

Please remember that PowerSchool is where you will see your child’s grade.  The points listed in Google Classroom can be a temporary grade while a student is working to improve their skills.

Well, that’s it for now!  I hope you enjoy this “fall-ish” weekend we are having!

Sincerely,    Mrs. Armington


Here are the amazing CHOIR BEASTS FOR THIS WEEK!!

6TH Grade:  Shawn Hochstetler, Aubrey Michen, Omar Roa, Juliana Shiveley

7th Grade: Chaya Lynch, Logan Smith, Abigail Schrock

8th Grade: Maggie Hernandez, Nicholas Troyer, Kaitlyn Kling


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